On your first visit a thorough case history will be taken, where we will ask you about your presenting complaint and how you think it began, as well as your past medical history. This will be followed by a full explanation of your diagnosis and treatment plan.

Please feel free to ask any questions you have. Every patient and every condition is different in some way, so treatment is tailored to the individual. However treatment will often involve specific massage or stretching of soft tissues (e.g. muscles, tendons & ligaments) and gentle mobilisation of joints, to improve movement and promote healing. Gentle classical & cranial osteopathic techniques may also be used. Advice on exercise, posture, diet, hot/cold and the modification of activities may be given in order to increase the effectiveness of treatment and to prevent recurrence of the problem.

Treatment will ordinarily be given on your first appointment, however if deemed necessary the osteopath may refer you to another medical, specialist or complementary practitioner.

At any point during treatment, should you feel discomfort or ongoing pain, just let your osteopath know. Osteopathic treatments are hands on, however they are designed to relieve rather than aggravate your condition and should not cause undue distress.

Please bring details of any medication you are currently taking, or have recently been taking and any previous investigations (MRI, X-Ray, Reports etc) related to your current condition. All information is confidential.

The Physical Examination usually involves the osteopath examining your spine, pelvis, abdomen and limbs (depending on your problem). You will be asked to undress to your underwear so you can be examined appropriately. Gowns are available for your comfort and privacy; however, we also ask that you wear appropriate underwear that fully covers you, to avoid any embarrassment. Also, please feel free to bring along a partner or friend, if you would find it more comfortable. A parent or guardian is expected to be present if the child is under 16 years old. The osteopath will examine your standing posture and take you through some gentle movements and special tests to determine the cause of your symptoms.